Although the season 6A finale of "Pretty Little Liars" promised to solve the mysteries of the past five seasons, executive producer Marlene King did not keep her word, as the finale opened up yet another can of worms.

Viewers did get the answer to who A, also known as Charles is. But the reveal left a lot of fans less than pleased. A good number of fans also found fault with Sara Harvey being both the Black Widow and the Red Coat, and the finale did not provide answers to who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis.

The five-year time-jump will probably explain more, but it will also bring a new set of mysteries. For instance, the final few minutes of season 6A introduced yet another villain – known only as "He" – and this person is expected to be more lethal than A.

"There's a new mystery. There's a little bit of old mystery dabbled in there, but not a lot. It's mostly new mystery. There will be a new Big Bad in their lives and a new mystery to solve," executive producer King said, according to E!Online.

As for what else will change post the time-jump, we will see a new Spencer with bangs who seems to have entered politics. Alison is married, and Hanna is engaged to be married. It remains to be seen if Caleb is her fiancé. Aria seems to be a writer/journalist and a new preview showed Emily cribbing to Toby about her rather unpleasant college experience.

We'll also see how Charlotte is doing, now that she has reunited with her family.

Another important change in season 6B will be the show's intro, which featured the four Liars – Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna -- standing behind Alison's casket as The Pierces' "Secret" played in the background. The camera then zooms in on Lucy Hale's Aria, who says "sshh".

King revealed that the show will have a new intro during a Twitter chat with a fan, tweeting: "Fun new intro when we come back in January. Everyone gets a turn to shhh."

"Pretty Little Liars" will return to ABC Family in January 2016.