The second half of season 6 of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" will feature a time-jump that will have all the Liars – Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna -- in different places.

But they will all return to Rosewood at Alison's request, resulting in them getting trapped in yet another mystery involving a new unidentified villain.

Season 6B won't be just about suspense, and actress Shay Mitchell recently hinted that there will be a lot of romance as well.

Mitchell's character Emily has been unlucky in the love department, but that is set to change post the time-jump, as fans might get to see Emily and Alison together.

The season 6A finale revealed that Alison will be married to somebody named Rollins post the leap, and spoilers doing the rounds reveal that the marriage won't be a long-lasting one. And this might be where Emily comes in.

"Emison fans – I think they're gonna have fun this next season seeing what me and Sasha (Alison DiLaurentis) are getting up to and what our characters are doing," Mitchell told ETOnline, adding, "I think they're going to be happy with it."

When asked if she was hinting at a romantic relationship between the two, Mitchell said: "We'll see… possibly. We'll see, yes."

As for the Big Bad in season 6B, speculations are rife that Wren could be the next villain.

Julian Morris, who plays the character, said Wren's story did not end with the summer finale. "I've promised Marlene [King] that I will return at some point in the season to resolve my character — for myself and also for the fans," he told MTV. "So as long as she's still up for that, I will come back in some capacity. It would be cool."

He added that CeCe's confession at being A might not be the end of the mystery.

"I know there was some disappointment with the reveal at the end of that episode. However, it's not the final season. The season now is the final chapter, and I think that's going to be the big reveal. So it could still be Wren," Morris said.

Season 6B of "Pretty Little Liars" will be aired in January 2016.