The first half of "Pretty Little Liars" season 6 ended with CeCe Drake being revealed as A.

The midseason finale episode also detailed how Charles DiLaurentis transitioned into Charlotte and became friends with Alison and the Liars as CeCe Drake. The episode ended with a five year time-jump that saw the Liars returning to warn Alison about "He" who could be a threat.

Although executive producer Marlene King refused to reveal who the new villain is, she did clarify that it isn't Charlotte.

"He" is not Charlotte or CeCe or anyone related to that particular name. It's a different person the girls are coming to warn Alison about," King told TVLine after the big midseason finale.

On whether "He" could be the new "A", King said: "I can't confirm or deny if there's a new "A," but yes, "He" is prospected to be the show's new baddie."

As for what else viewers can expect in the second half of the season, King revealed that Alison is indeed married to a doctor who is named Rollins. Season 6B will also see how Charlotte is doing post the events of the midseason finale.

"We will see Charlotte five years later. Alison stays behind to take care of her, and we'll see how far she's come when we make that time jump," King revealed.

Actress Vanessa Ray, who played CeCe aka Charlotte, also previewed what's in store for her in the upcoming season, saying 6B will deal with why Alison stayed behind while the other girls left.

"Well, she did all these terrible things, so there have to be consequences. Charlotte and Alison have reconnected by the end of the episode, and we see in the flashforward that Ali stayed in Rosewood. Why did Ali stay and the other girls left? You'd think Alison would have been the first one to high-tail out of there. So it all relates back to what happens with Alison," Ray told TVLine.

"Pretty Little Liars" is set to return to ABC Family in early 2016.