There's a whole month to go before ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" returns to television screens, but the excitement is almost palpable. The network recently released a poster on Entertainment Weekly, and if the promo photo is an indicator of what's to come in the show, then we can predict safely that more secrets, rifts, and shocking revelations will be made when "Pretty Little Liars" season 6B airs on 12 January,2016. 

In the poster, the girls are seen standing  in front of Spencer's car that has dirt spilling out of it. Ever since the poster came out, many have speculated about the symbolic significance of the dirt on the car. One theory suggests that the show has often used dirt to symbolise death. Executive producer Marlene King spoke about the new evil in the second half of season 6: Big Bad.

She said, "This Big Bad has an agenda, and it's to find out why this person passes away — and to seek revenge on the person responsible. And it will not stop until that person pays, and [the Big Bad] will kill people to get that answer," reported MTV.

Another theory by TV Line speculates that Emily's (Shay Mitchell) dad might wake up from the dead.

Of course, we know that the show makes a five-year jump, but the poster reveals that the girls are back in Rosewood. Furthermore, their return to the hometown only depicts the rift in their relationships, most noticeably between Alison (Sasha Pieterse) and the rest of the girls. The second half of the season also hints at the several pairs on the show. Hannah stands with Emily, while Spencer stands with Aria.

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