A brand new trailer for the second half of season 6 of "Pretty Little Liars" gave fans a number of clues on what to expect when the show returns in January.

Season 6B will feature a time-jump that will see the Liars returning to Rosewood. Charlotte, who was revealed as A in the summer finale, has been getting all the help she needed in these past five years, and now Alison wants her to be released. The only problem is that all the Liars have to testify on Charlotte's behalf, and the girls aren't so sure if they want to help Alison's sister, considering she has physically and emotionally tormented them for years before the final A reveal in the summer.

But Alison convinces them to do so, and it looks like things don't end well for the Liars. Shortly after the Liars testify on Charlotte's behalf, Aria gets a message from a blocked number that reads: "You know what you did and I'm going to make you talk." It looks like Aria has a dirty secret and someone wants to expose her.

Another shocking takeaway from the trailer was Hanna's engagement. It looks like Hanna and Caleb parted ways after they moved to New York City, and after five years away from Rosewood, Hanna is engaged to someone else.

Caleb is not completely out of the picture. The promo shows him hanging out with Spencer, and speculations are rife that they are the new couple.

However, an Instagram post by "Pretty Little Liars" showrunner Marlene King hints that Spencer and Toby are still together.

"#TBT to a scene we shot for 6B. #sleuthing #prettylittleliars #fiveyearslater #Spoby @sleepinthegardn @keeoone," King captioned a picture of the duo from the second half of season 6.

The showrunner also told TVLine that viewers will get a fun Spoby scene in the season 6B premiere on 12 January. Interestingly, Emily and Toby too seem to have become close post the five-year time-jump.