When Season 6B of "Pretty Little Liars" returns in January 2016, a lot would have changed in the lives of Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer.

Almost five years would have gone by since the events of the Season 6A finale, which saw CeCe Drake being revealed as A. The Liars would have gone their separate ways, and it looks like both Hanna and Aria have new romantic partners. Spoilers even hint at Hanna being engaged after the time-jump.

During a Twitter chat with fans, executive producer Marlene King said Season 6B would be high on romance, and added that the Liars are all friends following the time-jump.

Check out her tweets below:

The first episode of Season 6B will see the four Liars returning to Rosewood in time for CeCe's trial and testify in favour of her becoming a member of the community. Viewers will also see some unusual pairings, as spoilers indicate Spencer and Hanna's ex, Caleb, would be an item in the upcoming season.

This could be a strong possibility, as a video for the upcoming season shows best friends Toby and Caleb getting into a physical altercation as Spencer stands and watches.

In an interview with People, actress Troian Bellisario also hinted at the Toby-Spencer breakup when she revealed Toby stayed back in Rosewood when Spencer moved to Washington DC.

"He is still a cop, but he lives in Rosewood, she lives in Washington, D.C., so there's a very complicated and long history between them," said Bellisario. "And that doesn't often lead to a very good relationship."

The newly-released teaser also shows CeCe asking Alison if the girls are still mad at her; Mona talking about nightmares; a cute scene between Hanna and her fiancé; and Emily being strapped down in a hospital bed. We also see Ezra losing his cool with the girls.

"Pretty Little Liars" Season 6B will return to ABC on 12 January, 2016. Check out the promo below: