The summer finale of "Pretty Little Liars" finally put an end to the A game by revealing Charlotte DiLaurentis, Alison and Jason's sibling, as the face behind the mask.

However, the show isn't done with Charlotte yet. The second half of season 6 will explain the mystery behind Mrs DiLaurentis' murder and why Sara decided to help Charlotte torment the Liars – Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna.

Also, chances are high that Charlotte hasn't given up on the A game either, as the title for episode 12 is reportedly titled "Charlotte's Web." Has she put an end to the A game or is Charlotte still set on tormenting the Liars?

According to showrunner Marlene King, the series will have a new villain whom the Liars referred to as "He" in the season 6 mid-season finale. However, King hasn't revealed much about the new villain other than to say that he is the new Big Bad, and that his story has a connection to the Liars' past.

"It is definitely brand new, but there's some connection to the past. Not a mystery revolving around the past, but a connection to the past," King told Entertainment Weekly.

There will be a five-year time-jump when "Pretty Little Liars" season 6 returns, and all the Liars will be settled elsewhere. Only Alison would have stayed back in Rosewood to look after Charlotte and to provide her with a family atmosphere.

"The Liars have all gone away. Nobody lives in Rosewood anymore aside from Ali who stuck around to take care of Charlotte — to give her the family she never had. There's an event that happens five years later that brings them back, in part due to something that Alison needs so they have to [temporarily] leave their jobs, their mates, their homes, and come back and deal with this. Once they're there, it becomes difficult for them to leave," added King.

"Pretty Little Liars" season 6 is expected to return to ABC Family in January.