There are just a few more episodes to go, before the identity of Charles aka A is revealed in ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars."

Charles will be unmasked in the mid-season finale, titled "Game Over Charles", after which the show will take a leap of five years that will see the Liars probably settled in their respective careers.

Although executive producer Marlene King hasn't revealed much about what is in store for the Liars after the time jump, she did hint at the possibility of one of the girls walking down the aisle.

"It's possible. There are some engagement rings flying around when we come back for the premiere," King told ETOnline in June.

However, if rumours doing the rounds turn out to be true, then the couple getting engaged might not be Toby and Spencer.

According to the Instagram account PrettyLittleLogics, there will be a new character that will be playing Toby's love interest in season 6B. "She is said to be arias twin and be played by Lucy hale. Idk if the twin part is true but this is major crap for spoby lover," the post read.

As for other unconfirmed rumours doing the rounds, it is believed that Alison will meet Charles in the prom special episode.

"So viewers will only get to see Charles with a mask but Ali will see much more than that. The liars will see him without a mask (and so will we) in 6x10!" PrettyLittleLogics noted.

The identities of some of the mysterious characters such as the Black Widow and Red Coat will also be revealed in the mid-season finale. According to the spoiler forum, Melissa is Red Coat and Sara Harvey is the Black Widow. Wren is believed to be Charles DiLaurentis.

"Pretty Little Liars" is aired on Tuesdays on ABC Family. The upcoming episode is titled "FrAmed," and it will see the Liars being banned from attending their prom.

Also, "the more Alison learns about her brother the harder she finds it to connect a deranged murderer to the young blond haired boy she sees in the photos and in her memories," the official synopsis read.