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The new promo for "Pretty Little Liars" season 6 has piqued interest of fans who feel the latest season is going to be much darker than the previous ones.

The promo has hinted that A, aka Charles, will be meting out punishment to the Liars for trying to escape, and one message on the wall reads: "He's Going to Kill Me – M." While initially it was believed that the M could be Mona, new rumours note that the M in the message could be Maya, Emily's girlfriend who was presumed dead.

Also, it is cannot be a coincidence that Spencer mentioned Maya in the season 5 finale. When asked if there was any particular reason for bringing up the name, executive producer Oliver Goldstick told TVLine that it was a name that would pique A's interest.

"I think that's a word that would make 'A' perk up, just as it made you perk up. Given Maya's history with the series — she was sort of clued in by the end, and possibly had some answers — it was not 'A' that killed her, but that doesn't mean 'A' didn't try," Goldstick said.

Theorising on what actually happened to Maya, here is what one fan wrote: "Maya is alive. We saw her in the kosher fire- she was the one Toby was following. This doesn't mean necessarily that she was the one who wrote that, but she is definitely alive. My theory is that everyone who died (the people who's body we never saw- like Maya's) are in the dollhouse in the area that's sealed up like a bank vault. But that's just my thoughts- and I'm kinda hoping that they're true."

Interestingly, there are also theories hinting that Maya could be A, and the face behind the mask. Maya has been presumed dead since the big season 2 finale. But one thing that "Pretty Little Liars" has taught us is never to believe anything until a body is shown.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family. Season 6 will premiere on 2 June.