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Season 5 of "Pretty Little Liars" ended with the Liars finding out the name of the hooded figure, who could possibly be Jason DiLaurentis' twin.

Although the villain's face was not shown, Charles is believed to be Big A, and his story will take up at least the first 10 episodes of season 6. Executive producer of the show Marlene King has already started the countdown for the summer premiere of the next season, and she recently tweeted that she was excited to share Charles' story with fans.

"I'm excited to share Charles' story w you. This summer is going to bring us all together. #PLLFamily," King's tweet said.

The first half of season 6 will focus on Charles and how the Liars escape from his clutches, and this is expected to be followed by a time jump that will give a miss to the Liars' college years. While Big A's story will wrap up before the midseason, some fans have been wondering if there will be yet another A who will haunt the Liars in the coming season.

 "I will say that Mona was Original A, Charles is Big A, and I don't want to hint to where the show is going after that just yet. Sorry!" King told People when asked about the possibility of yet another A.

While it's hard to imagine yet another A, there are chances that someone else will steal the game from Charles when the Liars are away in college. After enjoying a peaceful life for four years, they might once again be dragged into the A game in the second half of season 6.

In the meantime, speculations on who Charles is have still not subsided, with Andrew being a prime suspect.

Even if Andrew isn't Charles, he is somehow connected to the whole drama, and fans will get a sense of Andrew's intentions in the next couple of episodes. "The connections aren't random. He's definitely involved in this, and we will find out in the next couple episodes to what extent and what's going on with Andrew," King told People.