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The previous episode of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" saw the Liars finally finding out that Charles DiLaurentis was Alison's brother, who committed suicide when he was a teenager.

Mr DiLaurentis finally revealed that Charles was admitted to Radley's because he was a troubled child and the DiLaurentis feared that he could be a threat to Alison.

However, because this is "Pretty Little Liars," fans are not yet ready to believe that Charles could be dead. A lesson that PLL fans have learned, thanks to Alison and Mona, is that no one can be assumed dead on the show until their body is shown.

Although Mr DiLaurentis claimed that Charles was dead, he wasn't there when Charles was cremated, and Mrs DiLaurentis could have easily lied about her eldest son's death so that he wouldn't have had to spend his entire life in the sanatorium.

Another clue to Charles being alive lies in the fact that Jessica was clearly hiding something when Jason turned up at Aunt Carol's house unannounced. Chances are she was hiding Charles and not his grave. It would have been easy for Jessica to have Charles released from Radley's because she was on the board, and she was one of Charles' two visitors, the other one being Aunt Carol.

Here's what one fan thinks took place after Charles moved in with Aunt Carol: "She [Jessica] gets him out of there, they move him to Aunt Carol who watches him and takes care of him and eventually when she died in 2009/2010 she left all her money to him under his new alias (whatever that might be). It's also possible that she died on That night as it was the day before sophomore year and this could be the beginning of his revenge - kill her, get her money, and begin his construction of the dollhouse."

The upcoming episode titled "She's No Angel" will see the Liars continue their search for Charles and the truth behind his alleged death. A promo for Tuesday's episode shows Hanna insisting that they find more proof to support the theory that Charles is, in fact, dead.

"Charles isn't dead until we prove it," Hanna tells Spencer.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.