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ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" is closer to revealing the identity of the hooded villain who has been torturing the Liars, and theories on who it could be have once again gained momentum.

The latest suspect seems to be Sara Harvey, the girl who was found along with the Liars in Charles' dollhouse.

At this point, nothing much is known about Sara other than that she has been Charles' captive for about two years before the Liars joined her in the dollhouse. In the previous episode titled "Songs of Experience", she was seen getting close to Emily after initially expressing a fear of being touched.

Meanwhile, a number of fans have come up with possible clues to Charles and Sara being the same person, with some believing that the show will incorporate a transgender storyline to prove that Sara and Charles are the same.

"I wouldnt be surprised if PLL jumps on the transgendered bandwagon and reveals that Sara is Charles. It would be a cool twist so im all for it. But usually the reveals never make much sense anyway," one fan wrote.

Another clue about Sara being Charles lies in the fact that Sara was quick to dismiss Andrew as the person who held her captive, noted TVLine. The website also observed that Charles does not want to share the credit for his actions and wasn't too thrilled when Andrew was so close to getting the glory.

Interestingly, another fan theory notes that Charles is actually dead and someone is trying to avenge his death.

"Let's say that Charles was another man's child, or even another family's child, what if one of his parents are taking revenge. Maybe Marion or Scott Montgomery?" a PLLtheories states.

"I'm thinking that Bethany knew Charles from Radley and she's helping someone tell everyone who he was, Because the Dilaurentis family tried to hide him away. I don't know how but all the families could somehow most of the parents are involved and now their children are paying for it. "

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.