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It has been revealed that one couple from "Pretty Little Liars" will be married and thinking of starting a family in the second half of season 6.

While we are yet to find out what happens to the Liars and their current love interests after the time jump, Lucy Hale, who plays Aria, recently said that she wanted Aria and Ezra to be together and possibly start a family.

"I don't know. I truly, genuinely have no idea," Lucy told E! Online regarding her character's future."I want to think hopefully when we do the time-jump they're trying to have babies and stuff," she added. "But we'll see!"

An Instagram photo by Ashley Benson that showed her onscreen lover Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) kissing her tummy had earlier sparked rumours that these two will be the ones starting a family after the time-jump. However, "Pretty Little Liars" show executives are yet to confirm any of these rumours.

When "Pretty Little Liars" return on 2 June, we'll see the Liars trapped in A aka Charles' dollhouse, and we'll also find out how much time A has spent on making the perfect prison for the Liars. They will be severely dealt with for trying to escape from the dollhouse, and at some point during the first few episodes the Liars will succeed in escaping from A's clutches.

As of now, only a few people are aware of A and his craziness, but by the second episode of the season, more parents will get involved when they realise that their daughters are missing.

"Pretty Little Liars" executive producer Joseph Dougherty confirmed to Wetpaint Entertainment that parents will be back in full force in the second and third episodes of the season.

 "It's so hard, because we have so much story, and so many characters, but yes, at this point I have a lot of parents in the two [episodes] that I'm writing, which are the second and third episodes [of Season 6]," he said.

"Pretty Little Liars" will return to ABC Family for season 6 on 2 June.