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Season 6 of "Pretty Little Liars" is set for a 2 June return, which is still more than a month away. But fans will get a hint of what's to come through the promo for the first episode titled "Game On, Charles."

Executive producer of the show Marlene King recently revealed the exciting news through a tweet on Friday, saying: "I'm actually getting a sneak peek of it tomorrow. So you should see the 601 promo soon!"

The last we saw Aria, Emily, Hanna, Spencer and Mona, they were still trapped in A's aka Charles' dollhouse. The first episode of the season will probably see A meting out punishment to the Liars for trying to escape.

"We're going to start seeing in season 6 that the girls are going to be punished for their actions by A, and slowly we'll start finding out more about what exactly happens to them, and I think think that they're all going to leave the dollhouse pretty messed up. …" actress Janel Parrish told People about the first episode of the season. "Everyone is going to have some serious scars when they leave the dollhouse."

As for what else will happen in the first episode, King's earlier tweets hinted that fans will get to know how long A had been planning to trap the girls in the Dollhouse. "Season 6 premiere reveals a bathroom," she said in yet another tweet. Also, Alison will be featured in the episode.

Jason DiLaurentis, who is rumoured to be the villain Charles' twin, will play a major role in the first couple of episodes, and fans will also get to know more about Andrew's backstory before Charles' identity is revealed.

While the first half of the season will see the girls trying to escape A's dollhouse, the second half is going to focus on their lives and mental state post a four-year time jump that will see at least one Liar married.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.