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The lives of all the Liars are going to change when "Pretty Little Liars" returns to ABC Family for its sixth season in June.

The previous season ended with Spencer finding out that Big A is Charles, and in June, we'll learn more about how he is related to the Liars and what his beef with them is. But what makes "Pretty Little Liars" interesting is its capability to bring more twists and turns, thereby opening another round of questions when one gets answered.

Actress Lucy Hale recently opened up about the upcoming season to Seventeen, saying no one is ever safe on the show.

"Well, the fun thing about our show is that no one is ever in the clear. You know there are always twists and turns. It's so hard for me to keep up with the show — what's aired, what I can't talk about, what I can talk about. I always get myself into a little bit of trouble for talking too much. But yeah, the season 5 finale introduced a new character, Charles, and now the whole question is, who's Charles? I was asking the same thing, like who is this dude that I have never heard about? But yeah, no one's ever safe on the show," she said.

The first half of the upcoming season will see the girls escaping Charles' dollhouse and revealing his true identity. Besides executive producer Marlene King recently revealed that love is also on the cards for the Liars.

Reportedly, Aria and Ezra will rekindle their love once Aria and the rest of the Liars escape.

"Some beautiful moments [coming] for Ezria," the showrunner teased in a tweet. Although the couple called in quits the previous season, and Aria was getting romantically involved with Andrew, certain events in season 6 will bring the two together, hinted the showrunner.

"I would say it's complicated," King told TV Line. "Just when you think it's over, a huge event like this can create a seismic shift, and you have to look at this person again and think, 'Should we go our separate ways, or is the universe telling us we need to be together?' The universe sends them some messages that are really mixed."

The second half of the season will see a time jump, and specultions are rife that Aria and Ezra will be married.

"Pretty Little Liars" will air on 2 June on ABC Family.