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Tuesday's episode of "Pretty Little Liars" titled "No Stone Unturned" will see the Liars attempting to find out more about Lesli Stone, one of Mona's friends from her Radley days, as they believe she could be their tormentor.

The Liars want to collect more information regarding Lesli before they voice out their suspicion to the authorities, and chances are high that Tuesday's episode will throw yet another shocker regarding Lesli.

According to "Pretty Little Liars" wikia user RedIsNewBlack, the person who was featured in "She's No Angel" was not Lesli; In fact it could have been her twin who was seen confronting Mona.

A part of the description for "She's No Angel" states that when Mona comes back to town after faking her death, she faces questions from the cops as well as Lesli's sister. However, episode 5 did not feature her sister.

"I rewatched the episode and they never say anythimg about Lesli's sister?? I think they are twins... Lesli's sister is the one in town right now and Lesli was the one in Radley," the wikia user noted.

In the meantime, a Reddit user may have leaked the identity of Charles DiLaurentis, the hooded figure who has been tormenting the Liars all these years.

According to the anonymous user, Charles DiLaurentis is none other than Dr Wren Kingston of Radley, and he is believed to hold a grudge against the Liars because they were responsible for Alison being taken away from him.

His true identity will be revealed in the mid-season finale, and Alison will be the first to see his face, the Reddit user revealed.

Although a good number of fans believe this theory could be right, executive producer debunked it saying the A leak was not true.

"Pretty Little Liars" is being aired on Tuesdays on ABC Family. The official synopsis of "No Stone Unturned" reads: "With all signs pointing to Lesli as the tormentor in the hoodie, the PLLs are on a mission to get concrete proof before bringing their findings to the police. But as the girls ramp up their investigation, 'A's' threats escalate."