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Tuesday's episode of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" saw Mr DiLaurentis finally revealing the truth about Charles.

After years of trying to hide the truth, Alison and Jason were told that they had yet another sibling named Charles, who was sent away to Radley's due to his abnormal behaviour. However, Charles committed suicide at the age of 16, and his remains were reportedly cremated by Mrs DiLaurentis.

However, the threat of Charles is far from over, and according to executive producer Marlene King, the midseason finale of the season will finally reveal the truth about Charles' identity, and his motives.

Talking about the midseason finale, King told ETOnline that the episode will be an emotional one, and the final unmasking of A will be exciting.

"There were a lot of tears in this episode -- both from all the actors and then while we were making it. I was sitting at that monitor crying on multiple occasions," King said. "It's exciting! The final true unmasking of 'A' is really exciting, but to hear the story -- it's so compelling, and to know that this is also the end of a story that we started telling so many years ago, it's bittersweet."

The list of A suspects has been increasing with each passing episode, and the next episode of the season, entitled "She's No Angel," is expected to give away more clues to the A aka Charles mystery.

The episode will see Mona returning to Rosewood, and being questioned by the police for faking her death. She will also be confronted by Lesli's sister, who will be unhappy as Mona got Lesli involved in her game.

But Hanna will come to Mona's aid, and will try to reassure her that Alison is no longer a threat. Hanna will also try to repair Mona's friendship with Lesli.

Elsewhere in the episode, "Emily tries to help Sara with her troubled home life by encouraging her to explore the possibility of emancipation. Spencer, on the other hand, finds help from someone from her past.Alison grows closer to Lorenzo as she looks for support outside of her family."

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.