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When "Pretty Little Liars" returns for its second half on 6 January, there is a possibility that Emily and Paige will be separated.

ABC Family recently released the first look of Season 5B, and it shows Paige telling Emily that her parents want her to be in a safe place far away from Rosewood.

"You'll miss graduation," Emily says in the promo video.

"My parents say that's just a technicality," Paige responds. "And prom," Emily adds. "That was a technicality I was looking forward to."

According to Shay Mitchell, Paige breaking the news of her moving away will set the tone for the rest of the season for Emily. "Things get even messier and crazier," she said in a recently released video, adding that it is yet unknown if Emily will get over Paige moving away.

The winter premiere episode is titled "Through a Glass, Darkly," and according to spoilers the episode will pick up three months after the death of Mona, whose friends are still in mourning. They are committed to proving Alison's involvement in Mona's death, but it won't be an easy task as Alison has an airtight alibi. "The Liars may have to resort to more shady tactics to put Ali away," the synopsis read.

As for the other characters, the biggest threat for Spencer is her being framed for the death of Bethany, and although the liars found proof of Bethany's association with Alison, it might not be sufficient to let Spencer off the hook.

Mona's memorial service will be featured in this episode and there will be a scene between Alison and Mona's mom. Alison turns up for Mona's memorial service and this upsets everyone, as many are convinced that Alison killed Mona.

Another clip from the episode shows Aria approaching Caleb to find out if "A" has be sabotaging her chances of getting into a good university.

"The girls are trying to move on with their lives," Lucy Hale said in a video on what to expect in season 5B. "They are graduating and Aria is applying for colleges. They are trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together and then at the end of the episode things go out with a bang."