Pretty Little Liars
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The summer season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" is going to be filled with drama, and speculations doing the rounds indicate that a key character will bite the dust in "Taking This One To The Grave."

If Twitter chatter is any indication, a number of fans have placed their bets on Mona being written off from the show. Fans reason that because Mona is constantly switching sides, she is sure to have garnered a lot of enemies who would want her dead. Also, if the theory of Alison being A holds, then Mona is a sure target, as Alison has plenty of reasons to finish off Mona.

The promo opens with Detective Holbrook briefing reporters about the latest murder. "The amount of blood in the house would indicate that the victim's wounds were fatal," Holbrook says, following which the footage shows a glimpse of Hanna, Aria and Emily entering a house that's in a state of disarray. The girls are shocked, and the video ends with Holbrook adding, "We have ruled this a homicide."

Another character who is barely shown in the promo video is Spencer, and this puts her fate bleak, as on Tuesday's episode, Melissa pulled yet another disappearing act, but not before giving her sister some answers. In a goodbye video, Melissa reveals that she was the one who killed Bethany Young. Even though the Liars have finally found the answer to a mystery, their troubles are far from over.

Soon after Aria gets back home from the movies, Detective Tanner makes a house visit and tells Byron that one of the Liars has finally come forward with the truth. However, she refuses to name the girl, and only says that they are due to meet tomorrow.

Here is the official synopsis of the midseason finale: "Feeling trapped by Alison and 'A,' the PLLs turn to an unlikely person for help in 'Taking This One To The Grave.'"

"With Alison leading them down a dangerous path and "A" barring them from telling the police the truth, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer feel trapped and are desperate to find a way out of this mess. With nothing else to lose, could the PLLs lose everything by putting their faith in a possibly untrustworthy ally?

"Meanwhile, Alison begins to build up her own army now that the PLLs have turned their back on her."