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"Pretty Little Liars" is heading for its finale and fans are one step closer to finding out the identity of the elusive "A." But before the show reveals who the villain is, showrunner Marlene King wants fans to be prepared with their guesses.

There are many theories afloat on who "A" is, and King admitted that some fans have got it right.

"In my perfect world you figure out who A is before we tell you. And some of you already have," Marlene tweeted a few days back, piquing fans' curiosity. "PLL fans do deserve a patience reward and you are getting it over the next few weeks. @SGurneal#FinaleFever."

So who could be "A"? A few theories have all the Liars as prime suspects, and even though King did not come out and say they should be feared, the showrunner revealed that the finale will show if one of the Liars is a possible villain.

Here is one of the most popular theories that place Aria as the prime suspect.

Amongst all the other liars, fans believe Aria, the character essayed by Lucy Hale, is the one who could possibly be A or the mastermind behind all the awful things that's been happening in Rosewood.

Aria is usually absent when a lot of A-related stuff happens and a few of King's earlier tweets have hinted that the leading lady could be the dangerous elusive villain.

The girls naming Aria as the biggest liar could be another clue.

Mona is dead, following her confession to Aria that she knows what happened in New York, and the timing of the tragedy once again places Aria as a suspect.

Theories also suggest that the opening sequence provides the most important clue as it shows Aria as the only Liar to making a "sush" signal, meaning she has something to hide.

So what does Hale has to say about her character being the villain? "It would make sense," Hale previously told ETOnline. "I mean, she's always kind of, like, missing. It's usually like the three girls and Aria's never there."

"I would love that!" she said on playing a negative character."I think that as an actor everyone wants to play the bad guy... it would be fun!"