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Alison's return is slowly creating problems for the Liars, and the situation is going to worsen in the next episode as the girls resist Alison's attempt to regain the role as the group's leader.
In the midst of all the drama that Alison's return is going to entail, viewers will see one Liar seeking comfort in an unlikely source to combat her problems.

Aria appears to be having a tough time dealing with the guilt of killing Shana, and her depression will worsen , according to the synopsis of the next episode .

Executive producer of the show, Marlene King, hinted at the possibility of a Liar going through a tough time this summer in a recent interview with the International Business Times US Edition .

"There is a Pretty Little Liar [who's] going through a bit of a crisis this summer and self-medicates for a while. It's not Spencer," King said.

Although the showrunner did not take Aria's name, recent events in the series indicate that the murder has shaken Aria.

"It affects her tremendously," King told TVLine. "One of the questions the girls have always asked is 'Why did Ali pick us? Why were we the team she put together to be her friends?' And those answers will come. One of the reasons she picked Aria is because she's so compassionate, and now that — as you say — she's tasted her first kill, it will affect her dramatically. And traumatically."

Tuesday's episode saw Aria confessing to Ezra the truth about murdering Shana, and her former English teacher and lover is nothing but supportive.

The episode also saw the girls putting their heads together to solve the mystery of who killed Alison's mother. Although Jason was their prime suspect, he was proved innocent when Hanna and Emily tracked him down to a sketchy apartment that turned out to be a sober house of sorts.

Towards the end of the episode, Jason is getting ready to leave town, but not before he imparts some final words of warning to his sister. "Cut your losses, Spencer," he tells her in the episode.

"Get out while you still can. And remember you can't trust him… Our father."

Mr Hastings' actions have been rather suspicious in the episode, especially when he offered to give Alison a ride in the middle of the night. He was also rather unconvincing when Spencer confronted him about Mrs. DiLaurentis' unsent e-mail, prompting many fans to speculate that he might be the one who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis.

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.