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Who is A?

"I'm still here bi**hes and I know everything," "Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on", "Nosey bi**hes die."

The liars --- Pretty Little Liars are back. And the infamously evil tormentor A continues haunting Rosewood residents and sending threatening messages to Aria Montgomery, Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin and Emily Fields. While the show moves into the latest season finale, the question Who is A? is gripping the audience.

Who is this mystery person in the black hood, dark pants and dark shoes who has been spotted in various disguises, including the one in Red Coat in the recent Season 4?

While you spend week after week enjoying the teen goss, obsessing over the girl's style and admiring their "lies", we try and draw a list of potential suspects we think could be "A".

Could it be Hanna, Mona, Aria or someone you never even noticed? After five seasons and countless wild goose chases, the Pretty Little Liars have suspected just about everyone including friends and family of being A. But based on evidence and trivia, we list out five characters we think could be Mr/ Ms A. Now, it's up to you to decide.

1) Could it be Alison DiLaurentis...

This girl has a serious mean streak. She faked her own death for two years. And the girls' gut from the start is that "A" is for Alison. Also, Ali might have killed Mona --- we have plenty of reasons to doubt.

2) Could it be Cece Drake...

She is one of the two red coats and is seen cavorting with Ali in the Christmas episode. If Ali is actually still evil, they'd make perfect partners in crime.

3) Could it be Detective Gabriel Holbrook...

His position in the police force affords him tons of opportunities to fudge evidence and the fact that Holbrook is somehow involved with Ali and Cece, makes him a vey plausible suspect.

4) Could it be Hanna Marin...

Over the seasons we've realised that Hanna is smarter than we think she is. Clearly, we might have underestimated her. Her behaviour in recent episodes has been so suspicious. And most importantly, if A is one of the girls, Hanna has the biggest motive. Ali used to terrorise her for being overweight. Maybe there was a point where she just got fed up and decided to take action.

5) Could it be Aria Montgomery...

To begin with, on more than one occasion, the girls have labelled Aria as "the best liar." And interestingly the texts don't start until Aria comes back from her time abroad in Iceland. And if you have noticed, the voice saying "welcome" in another language — a greeting that sounds a lot like Icelandic's "velkomnir." Aria and her family lived in Iceland for a year before the returning to Rosewood.