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With Alison being pronounced guilty for Mona's murder, the fate of the Liars too took a tragic turn when they were all held responsible for aiding Alison to commit the crime.

And based on the direction the plot is moving, there appears to be some truth to the spoilers revealed by an anonymous Reddit user named Daisy, whose description of several scenes from the just concluded episode, titled ""I'm a Good Girl, I Am," turned out to be accurate.

Based on the teaser for the final episode of the season, the hooded villain "A" will kidnap the Liars, while Alison remains in jail. Based on Daisy's spoilers, A is seemingly crazy the whole episode and he/she will keep the Liars locked up in a room that resembles a dollhouse.

"Basically, the liars are kidnapped and wake up in this life-sized dollhouse. This is where we see Mona alive. She says she's been kept there for a while and there is a creepy A monitoring them with cameras, forcing them to play out certain scenarios, and controlling when they're together/apart," the Reddit post read.

Although Mona and Spencer will find a way to turn off the electricity and run away, they soon realize they are fenced in and escaping from A's clutches wouldn't be that easy.

As for the identity of A, the Reddit user revealed that fans will be in for a disappointment. The Liars will come face-to-face with A, but the mask is not pulled off. However, they come to the conclusion that the hooded villain is male after they find alphabet blocks arranged in an anagram for "Charles."

Here's what the official synopsis of the season finale, titled "Welcome to the Dollhouse" states: "A has always had fun playing with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but now "they" have the biggest game to date in store for the girls. As shocking secrets come to light and the biggest clue to the "A" mystery is revealed, is this one plAydate the Liars can survive?"