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Ahead of "Pretty Little Liars" season 5 finale, which is expected to reveal who all are on Team A, several alleged spoilers regarding the episode have made their way to Reddit.

The finale episode is being dubbed "#BigAReveal" by ABC Family, but an anonymous user who goes by the name Daisy has revealed that there won't be a major "A" reveal in the episode. But added that one of the liars is sure to come face-to-face with the hooded figure.

However, this statement runs contrary to what actor Keegan Allen said about the finale, hinting that fans will be kept awake all night because of what's going to be unveiled. In an interview with MTV, Allen called the season 5 finale "unsettling," and said: "It will keep you up at night… you guys asked for it!"

The anonymous Reddit user has this to say regarding the finale: "Ugh. I don't know what Keegan was smoking because there was no A reveal. Just another one of those moments where one of the liars is face to face with A and doesn't pull the mask off.

"The liars think they know the gender. They end up in A's "dollhouse" where there are alphabet blocks arranged in an anagram for "Charles." So naturally, Spencer assumes A is named Charles. So they think they know it's a man."

Daisy also added that Mona isn't dead, and that the liars will meet her when they are kidnapped and put in a dollhouse. The anonymous user also believes the motive behind "A" wrecking havoc in Rosewood is because he/she has a serious case of mental illness.

The authenticity of these claims are yet to be ascertained, but showrunner Marlene King did reveal that season 5 finale will revealed some truths about A, making it easier for fans to guess who the elusive villain is.

The official synopsis of the episode also hints that the girls will finally learn who A is.

The summary reads: "'A' has always had fun playing with Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer, but now 'they' have the biggest game to date in store for the girls. As shocking secrets come to light and the biggest clue to the 'A' mystery is revealed, is this one plAydate the Liars can survive? With shocking twists and turns, will the girls finally find out who A is?"

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays on ABC Family.