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Tuesday's finale of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" is expected to give fans a big clue to solve the A puzzle, which has been puzzling fans since season 1 of the teenage drama.

This is not the first time "Pretty Little Liars" boss has hinted at an A reveal, and fans are sceptical if they will really get to know the identity of the elusive villain. In the past, although the Liars have seen the hooded figure they haven't been successful in identifying the person.

Commenting on the big A reveal, showrunner Marlene King said they weren't being dodgy, and added that fans will finally solve the mystery. However, they will have to wait for the next season to find out the why and the how of A's actions.

"In a certain way, you will know who 'A' is by the end of the episode," King told TVLine. "I don't want fans to feel like, 'Oh, they're just being dodgy again.' We're not. You will get a very big piece of the puzzle. It's like I've said all along: The who is important, but the why and the how are also important. You will be left with a question to answer, but you will also be on the path to 100-percent discovery. It's, by far, the biggest reveal we've ever done in an episode, and it's done in a way that's just so beautiful."

She also added that a number of people have correctly guessed who A is, and that this has been her plan all along. The mystery of A will be completed within the next 11 episodes, and it remains to be seen what direction the drama will take post that. Speculations are rife that there will be a time jump that will see the girls through college.

"This finale is the beginning of the end of the story we started to tell so long ago," King said. "Within the next 11 episodes, there will be absolute completion to this story, but we're going to save what direction we're going in until after we tell you how this story ends."

"Pretty Little Liars" season 5 finale will air Tuesday on ABC Family.