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The season 5 finale of "Pretty Little Liars" is just a few days away, and showrunner Marlene King has been teasing the big A reveal on her Twitter account for a while now.

Although she has been retweeting a number of fan theories, King has refrained from saying if any of these speculations are right. But she did reveal that the fans are close to finding out the elusive villain's identity.

"It's so hard for me to answer most of your questions without giving up the identity of "A". That's how close you are," she tweeted a few days back.

Meanwhile, fans believe one of her retweets -- a possible answer to Mona's cryptic message -- could have revealed who A is.

Could Lucas really be A? He has reasons to hate Alison given that she made his high school life miserable. But the tweet has also brought forth two other names that are worth mentioning – Charles DiLaurentis and Rachel DiLaurentis.

"Lots of people finding 'Charles DiLaurentis' in Mona's anagrams. Wonder what that even means? #GettingWarmer #WaitForIt," PLL writer Bryan Holdman tweeted, confirming that Charles DiLaurentis is a clue worth speculating about.

While it is too soon to say who Charles is, several theories slant towards the character being either Alison's or Jason's twin, according to Wetpaint. And if he is "A", it wouldn't be hard for him to have access to information about Alison's past.

The next possible anagram of Mona's clue is Rachel DiLaurentis, and speculation is rife that she could be Alison's twin. This would explain why Ali found two identical dresses hidden away on Christmas and why her mother wanted Ali to lie about finding the dresses.

Interestingly, King has also been retweeting a number of theories suggesting Aria could be A.

The penultimate episode of the season is titled "I'm a Good Girl, I Am," and based on the official synopsis, Alison's trial is coming to a close.

"The outcome looks even more bleak when the prosecution calls a surprise witness that not only paints Alison in a bad light but also the PLLs and Mike," the summary reads. "Desperate to find any evidence or witness to save their friends, Aria, Emily and Spencer race to find someone or something that can prove Ali's innocence and put an end to this nightmare.

"Meanwhile, Mike becomes a target of "A" when it looks like he might be called to testify, and Ezra and Caleb have differing opinions on what he should do."