Pretty Little Liars
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Caleb and Hanna have rekindled their romance since his return to Rosewood, but the relationship seems to be doing more bad than good to Hanna.

Episode nine of the hit ABC Family series will focus on how the love birds are spiraling out of control with their alcohol addiction, and this will force the Liars to sit up and take notice. Her friends can no longer stand by and watch, as Hanna skips school and starts appearing drunk in public.

Hanna's behavior is getting out of hand and her friends will gear up for an intervention, now that their friend has hit rock bottom, revealed the synopsis of the episode titled "March of Crimes."

However, each of the Liars has a problem of their own to fix before heading out to help Hanna.

Aria is busy getting ready for her mother's wedding, but a drunk Hanna has managed to make Aria take a good look at her mother's fiance.

In the previous episode, Hanna managed to make an enemy out of Aria when she confessed to Zach hitting on her.

Zach raised alarm bells when he made an inappropriate comment about liking bad girls when Hanna appeared drunk, and even touched her leg and managed to pass her his number. But Aria dismissed Hanna's claims and called her out for being a drunk.

However, in "March of Crimes," Aria begins to wonder if Hanna was right about Zach, and fans are betting that Ella might not be walking down the aisle. However, it is too soon to say if it might be due to Hanna or if A has a hand in spoiling the wedding.

"Pretty Little Liars" fans will also see Emily turning detective and digging up some dirt on Noel Kahn. The previous episode saw Alison telling the girls that he was responsible for the break in at Hanna's house, and now Emily is hell-bent on finding the link between Alison and Noel.

Alison is afraid that the secret behind her disappearance might soon come out, and this is one of the reasons she asked Noel to break into Hanna's house.

"I need someone who mattered, like Hanna's mom to stop questioning what happened to me," she told Emily and Spencer.

Episode 9 of "Pretty Little Liars" will air on Aug. 5 at 8 p.m. EDT.