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Season 5 finale of "Pretty Little Liars" went out with a bang that dropped a lot of hints to A's identity, but did not give concrete answer to whom the face behind the mask belonged. 

Sadly, fans of the show will have to wait till June to find out the answers to the various questions that were raised in the episode.

But until then, fans can dedicate their time to solving the mystery of who Charles DiLaurentis is, as  "Pretty Little Liars" executive producer Marlene King tweeted that we have seen the face behind the mask in the previous episodes.

To a fan's question on why she would cast someone new to play A, King replied: "Are you sure Charles is not a cast member you have already met? @brickbyb #askmar."

"Yes you may have seen and heard Charle's face before. W out the mask," she wrote in another
message. Charles DiLaurentis is believed to be Jason's twin and Alison's brother, and his true identity will be revealed only after his back story is explained. This is going to be the focus of the first half of season 6.

"The motivation of this "A" has excited me as much as the identity and having these last 10 episodes to find out about the why—it's important. We've been so invested for so long in the who that it's time to start asking 'why?'" King told E!Online.

According to Mona, A stole the game from her when she was in Radley, meaning he has been wrecking havoc in their lives since season 3. While there are a lot of theories on A's desire to hurt the Liars, King tweeted she recently came across one that was spot on.

While she did not elaborate what the theory was, she suggested fans rewatch the scenes featuring the vault room.

"They call it the vault room, but I call it "A"' soul room," King told E!Online. "When they're in that room, there are a lot of clues in that room. I'm sure people will be screen-grabbing everything frame of that scene, and they should, by the way!"