Premier Padmini Review
Jaggesh in Premier Padmini.PR Handout

In the last 10-12 years, Jaggesh has appeared as completely different actor. He has redefined himself by taking up films with strong contents, thus helping his films to reach out to all section of audience. As a recently, the 56-year old managed to have feathers like Mata, Eddelu Manjunatha and Neer Dose. Now, there is part of yet another gem in the form of Premier Padmini, directed by Ramesh Indira.

Slice-of-life treatment and performances hold fort in Premier Padmini. Apart from Jaggesh, Madhoo (Annaiah and Ranna fame), Sudharani, Hitha Chandrashekar, Dattanna, Vivek Simha and many other talented people are part of the cast.

The movie has an emotional subject filled with humour. It is about a midlife crisis of Vinayak played by Jaggesh. Arjun Janya's music is the major plus in the film. Many celebrities have hailed the film and notably Sudeep has said good words about the flick.

Indeed, he has written a review about the film, which he does only for those films that he is highly impressed with. Complete text can be read below:

"Connect" ,, holds Prime, in everything we do. May it be work related or relationship. And that's how, we r happy being in it. And if a film can make u get connected, I guess we walk outta the theater, happy n satisfied for having spent a few hours, watching it.

Premier Padmini gets u connected and holds ur interest till the end. Emotions are well conceived and served on a platter without any deleberate decorations. Every character has a meaning and every meaning well captured. Sensibility of the director can be felt in every situation he has created to convey something...and tat something touches u. Arjun janya has been a major strength in garnishing it with his best and takes u right into the situation. Simple yet superb.

Each actor has succeeded in getting into the skin of their roles and I couldn't help but inquire who is who by the time I finished the film. That's how fabulous each one has delivered. Performance at its best. Applauds to the director for having gone right in his casting,,n to have extracted what's needed from them and to have conceived it awesomely well.

Very happy for Jaggesh sir. He is choosing roles tat takes him very close to our hearts. He is an awesome actor who can make any difficult role look easy. Choosing to go the comical way was his Choice needed then,,, Choosing to go this way is again his choice. This only portrays his hunger for good meaty roles. Hats of sir... Subtlety at its best. Ur silence in the film conveys 1000 words.

I loved the way the films finally wraps. No high degree drama or lines. A simple n a soothing one. The last line of the film did have a tear drop roll out though I tried to hold it back. To me,, it was a wow moment. Congrats once again Director.

No department in this film goes unnoticed,,, each one has given their best. Producer,,, to the last person standing to switch off the lights,,,, all have been honest in their approach n that's seen.

Thanks to th team for having organized a show,, my day wrapped up being "wonderful" .