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Adam Johnson: A promising football career has come to a bad endReuters

It went from bad to worse for former Manchester City winger Adam Johnson. The once-promising England international has been sentenced to six years in prison Thursday for indulging in sexual relations with a teen. 

Bradford Crown Court's judge Jonathan Rose announced the sentence on the 28-year-old footballer and also said that despite knowing that the girl was a minor, Johnson went ahead and had sex with her.

"She had only just turned 15 when you [Adam Johnson] began grooming her, because, as you were to admit, you found her sexually attractive," Rose was quoted as saying by the BBC in the court.

Johnson started his club football career at Middlesbrough and later moved to Manchester City, where he became one of the key players of the team. He joined Sunderland in the year 2012. Johnson also picked up 12 England caps between 2010-2012 but that doesn't even count in his career now as he is stripped off all those caps..

The footballer was also sacked by Sunderland last month immediately after after he pled guility to having sexual relations with a teenage girl in 2015.