adam johnson
Adam Johnson (R) arrived with his girlfriend Stacey Flounders at Bradford Crown Court in Bradford on WednesdayReuters

Update: Adam Johnson has been sacked by Sunderland and he has also been dropped from the team ahead of their EPL match against Manchester United in the weekend.

Sportswear firm Adidas has also cancelled their contract with the former England international after he pled guility to having sexual relations with a teenaged girl in 2015.

Original story: Tough times are ahead for Sunderland winger Adam Johnson. The former England international on Wednesday pleaded guilty to his involvement in a sexual activity with a teenage girl.

Johnson, 28, was arrested in March last year when the crime was first reported. He was suspended by Sunderland after the incident took place, but the suspension was lifted when the footballer was granted bail 15 days later.

On Wednesday, the ex-Manchester City footballer appeared at the Bradford Crown Court to plead guilty of committing the offence to the 16-year-old schoolgirl. While Johnson admitted to one count of sexual activity with a child and one of grooming, he pleaded innocent of two other counts of the sexual activity with a child.

The footballer admitted to meeting the girl in the end of December 2014 and carrying out sexual activity with her in early 2015, despite knowing that she was under 16. In the UK, 16 is the age of consent.

"This is a case you may see referred to in the press. Johnson is a professional footballer with Sunderland AFC and you may see something about it in the newspaper," judge Jonathan Rose was quoted by the Guardian as telling the jury during the trial on Wednesday.

"But let me just remind you of the oath and affirmation you have just received. You must try this defendant on the evidence heard in this courtroom, not anything else. That is very important."

Adam Johnson has appeared in the Premier League 265 times till date (as on Feb. 10, 2016).