Anwar Rasheed to resign from film associations
Anwar Raheed to resign from all film based associations over "Premam" piracy issueFacebook/ Premam/ Anwar Rasheed

One of the most successful film-makers and producers of Malayalam cinema, Anwar Rasheed, has decided to quit being part of any film-based associations after he received cold response from the authorities of anti-piracy cell as well as several film associations over the piracy issue concerning his latest film "Premam", as per reports.

Anwar Rasheed had reportedly approached several film associations as well as the anti-piracy cell after the censor copy of "Premam" was leaked online. But, unfortunately the response which the producer received were not satisfying enough and thereby as a protest, he has decided to resign from all the film associations.

"There is no benefit for Malayalam cinema from film associations. I am a member of FEFKA as a director, Film Producers' Association and Distributors' Association as a producer," Anwar Rasheed told "Now the plan is to direct and produce films without any membership (in these organisations).

"I choose to stay away from any activities related to the associations as they continue to maintain silence on serious issues like piracy," he added.

Anwar also said that though the pirated copies of "Premam" got deleted initially from several Facebook pages after proceeding legally, the videos are now being uploaded again. Apparently, the censor copies of "Premam" were handed over to two studios in Thiruvanathapuram and Chennai. He said that it is unfortunate that no legal actions were taken against those who leaked the videos like how it was done against those who leaked Vijay's "Puli" trailer.

Anwar Rasheed is a popular name in Malayalam film industry for directing popular films like "Rajamanikyam", "Chotta Mumbai", "Annan Thambi", "Bridge" ("Kerala Cafe"), "Ustad Hotel" and "Aamy" ("Anchu Sundarikal"). Besides "Premam", he has also produced 2015 hit Malayalam movie "Bangalore Days".

Meanwhile, Anwar's latest movie "Premam" is running successfully across the globe. The film, which is directed by Alphonse Putharen, has Nivin Pauly in the lead and has emerged as the biggest hit Malayalam cinema till date.