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Filmmaker Alphonse Puthren is just two movies old, but his works have been well accepted by the audience, who call him one of the finest directors in the Malayalam entertainment industry today. From his debut bilingual movie, Neram, to the blockbuster hit, Premam, Alphonse has made a notable mark, proving his talent in filmmaking.

Movie-goers, who are eagerly waiting to see the next outing of the Premam director, have an exciting news coming their way. With his recent Facebook post on Friday, September 23, the director spilled the beans about his plans to direct a Bollywood movie.

Alphonse asked his followers which movie — Neram or Premam — would they want him to remake first in Hindi. "If I was to take neram or premam in Hindi ... As the audience...which film do you think I should do first in Hindi ? [sic]," Alphonse asked.

He added that he would not directly remake the movie for a Bollywood version. He wants to adapt the storyline and present it in a different way. "For those who have watched my films it will be a different narration again. So now would you wanna watch neram, premam or something new in Hindi ? Openly tell me [sic]," he said.

Alphonse, who is currently in Mumbai, has also requested his fans to openly discuss with him his next project. "I'm in Mumbai the third time. I need prayers, blessings and open discussions regarding my next film [sic]," the filmmaker said, concluding the post.

Alphonse has asked netizens' views just days before the Chandoo Mondeti-directed Telugu version of Premam hits theatres worldwide. The remake version of the superhit movie stars Naga Chaitanya, Shruti Haasan, Anupama Parameshwaran and Madonna Sebastian in the lead roles.

However, the audience in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, who were impressed with the performance of Nivin and Sai Pallavi in the original version, have been trolling Naga and Shruti for not perfectly reprising the roles in the remake.

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Read Alphonse Puthren's full Facebook post here:

Here's how audience have responded to Alphonse Puthren:

Parthi Kannan

Please do a new hindi film. Don't touch Premam. It is beautifully said in Malayalam. We will watch it again and again in Malayalam itself. (We are yet to recover from the shock Telugu Premam has given) 

Shibz Rahiman

Try Neram as the same ...
If u r trying Premam you will have to do it differently the North Indian college life if different from ours

Amith Cj

I think neram good for Hindi but in different style !!!but we are waiting for something new from you !!!

Anand Ajayghosh

Make a new film and not a remake :) To be honest, we dont want to see another version of Neram or Premam :)

Rahul V Raju

If u r goin for a remake, it should be Neram without any doubt ! As we all know Mumbai is the fastest city in our country, even people dont have enough time to look in to their watchs :-)

Dinesh Kumar C

I feel Premam will be a better choice. Contradicting to most fans expressed before, I feel Alphonse bro can definitely pull it off yet another time with his magical screenwriting skill (which is unique every time a writer pens down a script) and the way he edits it. But a small request would be to adjust the script to cater the Bollywood audience and their pulse, while modifying a few elements to meet their wide market too.