Bollywood actress Preity Zinta made headlines last week after reports stated that she had addressed Sonakshi Sinha as Sonam Kapoor at the Star Screens Awards 2016. However, it seems nothing such happened at the event as Preity lashed out at the reports on social media recently.

It was reported that the actress made the mistake on-stage and continued referring Sonakshi as Sonam till the former herself reminded her that she isn't Sonam, but Sonakshi. Apparently, it was also reported that the actress was drunk, which is why she made this goof up.

In her defence, Preity took to her Twitter handle and slammed all these reports. "Read in a paper that I called Sonakshi, Sonam Kapoor at an awards function. Then, in another paper that I was Drunk when I did so! Wow," she tweeted.

"My question is will the journalist be fired for manufacturing such news ? Also why every paper just prints anything without verification?" Preity further tweeted.

This is not the first time the actress stood up to her defence and expressed her views on social media. However, such Miss Universe 2015 moments on stage have become quite common at award ceremonies nowadays.

Even Ramesh Sippy's wife Kiran Juneja, who was a presenter at the Star Screen Awards, made such mistake. Instead of announcing the Best Story 2015 award to Salman Khan starrer "Bajrangi Bhaijaan", she announced "Bajirao Mastani".

However, the Star Screen Award 2016 has not been aired yet, thus, the audience has to wait to know the truth.