In an unfortunate incident, a pregnant woman who arrived on a Vande Bharat flight in Mangalore from Dubai was allegedly denied entry into her apartment by the residents' association. The woman soon lost the baby after failing to get help from the hospitals or her locality.

pregnant woman

Woman denied entry loses her unborn baby

The woman was taken to a quarantine facility under the government after landing in Mangalore, where she stayed for three days and tested negative for coronavirus.

She arrived in India on May 12 on a Vande Bharat repatriation flight from Dubai.  She then tried to go back to her house but was denied entry by the residents' association although the government allowed her to stay in-home quarantine.

In addition to the denial, the woman was also turned down from treatment or quarantine by several private hospitals in the city. "She was trying to return to her family but the apartment association refused entry while private hospitals denied treatment. Days later, her unborn baby died in the womb," said the woman's aunt to the media.

"It was a very helpless situation for us and we were forced to take her to the same hotel where she stayed on arrival and wait for the next coronavirus test," she added.

Mangalore Corporation issues notice 

Meanwhile, the Mangalore Corporation Commissioner has issued a notice to the apartment association asking them to reply to the incident. The Corporation asked why the woman was not allowed to enter the residence. The commissioner has also said that no one can stop her from entering her own house.

Reportedly, the pregnant woman suffered from hypertension and failed to get any immediate medical aid at the hotel.

Although she was taken to another private hospital, the doctors told her that her condition was severe and it posed a high risk to both mother and fetus, following which the woman lost her unborn baby.