Preeti Thaker Arora
Preeti Thaker Arora

India's leading Artist and an Entrepreneur Preeti Thaker Arora creates breathtakingly beautiful paintings and has put them altogether in a very Stylish way to Embellish the Beauty of your walls to create a Luxurious, Comfortable, Cozy and Fashionable Ambience. Preeti strongly believes that the purpose of our lives is to be useful, to be compassionate, to have made some difference in others' lives.

Preeti Thakar Arora, who is a well known painter paints only so that she can support the lesser privileged. Supporting the lesser privileged has been a way of life for Preeti and she is working for it with all her heart. Preeti has not learnt the art of painting, being a self taught painter, Arora finds more comfort in painting at her own pace rather than showcasing her work via exhibitions.

She is honored with the "Most Outstanding Woman for Social Work 2017" conducted by "FEMINA" in conjunction with World HRD Congress. She is the official "World Peace Ambassador " and the Brand Ambassador of " Little Hearts " Wockhardt Foundation.

Preeti has traveled across the world and now she has found a way to help others with her paintings as she finds it deeply satisfying to help those in need and children who are in dire need for financial support. Every stroke of her brush has a message in itself and a larger and noble cause attached to it.

Other than painting Preeti is also a great designer with having an export house by the name of Preeti Arora Designs where she designs fashion clothing and accessories. She is a very talented and a multitasking women and a role model for young women in the society.

Upon talking about her helping those In need instinct , Arora shares that she has always seen her parents being actively involved in community development initiatives and always helping people in need as much as it was possible for them so this thing has been inherited in her and its going to be her biggest strength for life.

Preeti is married and settled in Mumbai where she is actively participating and utilising her talent for the benefit of others . She also contributes in Khushi Ngo, a blind association actively and she is extremely happy to share that.

Being an artist and social entrepreneur, Preeti Thakar Arora shares that It's our moral responsibility to do our bit for those who are less privileged and those who are in need for such help and support. Celebrities also came forward to appreciate and applaud Arora as in one such case noted hindi film singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya shared " I am thrilled to be a part of such a worthy cause. I have got paintings from Preeti in the past too but the latest one, which is a painting of a place I have seen in Barcelona, will occupy a pride of place in my collection."

With this the entire cause that Preeti Thakar Arora is trying to help and support the ones who does not have all the facilities in life. Our society definitely needs to give back what they are getting from the society as life can be tough but by sharing one can make it worth living.

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