Preeti Pahuja Chawla

We are no longer in the 1980s, but the world still expects women to do it all. If they are successful in their careers, they are still expected to be flawless on the home front. Judgments and negative remarks are common for working women even in this time and age when women have achieved immense success. Fashion influencer and entrepreneur Preeti Pahuja Chawla is no different. Ever since she started her career journey, she has been balancing her role as a mother and her commitment to herself.

Sharing her experience as a working mom with a demanding career and she said that she has ample support and is thankful to god to have given her the means to ace both fronts. However, she admits that it hasn't been easy. From people judging her commitment to her child to people second-guessing her seriousness towards work, she has seen it all. Despite having a supportive family, she has found herself in difficult positions where she was confused about whether to go ahead with her passion or stick to being a mother and homemaker. She and her family are glad that she chose to follow her passion. She has achieved success and praise for her work and her child is also proud of her. Over the years she has realized that the negativity will always be there and we just need to learn to look past it.

She is handling both work and home with panache. On the work front, she has nearly 177k followers and an eCommerce brand. Her brand Hawtlash is slowly becoming popular among fashionistas and celebrities and she hopes that it becomes the brand of preference across the industry. In a space overflowing with competition, she has successfully a niche for herself. She is not a regular fashion influencer but one with a vision. Even her brand is a result of consistent research and improvement.

Her interest in business dates back to her college days when she often wondered what it would be like to be a successful businessperson. She followed her instinct and dived head-first into business. She attributes all her learnings to her experience and her success to god and her supportive family.

She is an inspiration for those women who are conflicted between the responsibilities in their
personal life and their passion. She says that there is always a way to balance them both and just like men never have to make the choice, we shouldn't either.