Himaja Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house
Himaja Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 houseScreenshot of hotstar video

After completion of 63 days in the house, contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 have geared up themselves for elimination once again and as expected and predicted by netizens on social media, Himaja has got evicted from the show.

After fake elimination of Rahul Sipligunj, it was Himaja and Mahesh Vitta who were left in the nominations and keeping in mind what has happened in the 'sacrifice task' and the kind of negative publicity that happened against Himaja on social media, it was pretty much understood that she will be eliminated from the show.

Himaja, since the beginning of the show, has played the game really well, with a long of confidence and individuality, without getting into any of those so-called groups in the house.

Himaja Reddy falls to Ali Reza's feet
Himaja Reddy falls to Ali Reza's feetScreenshot of hotstar video

Could be fight with Ali or arguments with Punarnavi. Himaja never stopped herself from conveying what she has to say. When necessary, she stood as a support to her fellow housemates, and took part in the tasks actively.

Though she became emotionally weak for a few days, y being homesick, and also for being influenced by others, she slowly realised that she has play her game individually, without letting herself down. There were days when she felt lonely in the house and used to start weeping suddenly.

Housemates call her strong-headed, lose tongue, cunning and short tempered. There are days when they called her emotions as fake too. But Himaja, never got influenced by any of those comments and always fought for her self-respect in the house.

When Nagarjuna called her to the stage and showed a video of her journey in the house, Himaja got emotional and broke into tears. She told Nagarjuna, and the audience that she has learnt a lot from the fellow housemates. She thanked for teaching her some good dance steps and some delicious recipes to cook.