We are living in an age of cinematic reboots. Classic films — mostly from the '80s and '90s — are being re-looked at and remade in the form of sequels or reboots. And Predator is next.

Director Shane Black recently spoke with IGN about his upcoming Predator film, revealing — among many things — that the movie will be set in 2018. "It's in the midst of the mythology. It's a movie that's set in our present-day. Or maybe the day after tomorrow."

The writer-director also shared a production update on the film and stated that it will most likely be his next project. "The train is rolling I should say. I think it's pretty clear now that this is the next thing I'm gonna do, is work on that."

It's safe to say that all the Predator films that followed post the original 1987 classic, have been more or less disappointing. Black said he intends to change that.

"The idea is to take what has been a series of kind of modest knock-off type movies which all made a guaranteed return. Not bad movies but certainly not on the level of what Ridley [Scott] was doing with Alien and then Prometheus and now this very much lauded prequel/sequel coming up."

He continued, "How can I follow in the footsteps of someone who re-invents and brings that much event-ised quality to a pulp franchise. How do you get people to know about the Predator and buy their tickets a month before it comes out as opposed to just 'What are you seeing tonight? We can see a comedy or... oh, there's a new Predator.' No, no, this one we want to make people aware of — we've paid a lot of attention, there's even some more money spent."

"The Predator" — touted as a sequel to the 1987 sci-fi, horror film, "Predator" — is slated to be released in Feb. 2018.