A film on Pratyusha Banerjee to be made soon. Pictured: Pratyusha Banerjee
A film on Pratyusha Banerjee to be made soon. Pictured: Pratyusha BanerjeeTwitter

After the untimely death of television actress Pratyusha Banerjee, several shocking details have come out regarding the alleged suicide case. According to the latest reports, doctors at JJ Hospital have confirmed that the "Balika Vadhu" actress was pregnant and had possibly undergone an abortion a few days before her death.

The doctors had conducted histopathological examination of tissues from the uterus. "The findings showed that there was a conception few days or a month before her demise, and there was a premature death of the foetal cell. The products of conception, or the placental or foetal tissue in the uterus found following delivery, termination of pregnancy or a miscarriage, were infected and degenerated. That usually hints towards a secondary infection, probably occurring due to an attempt to terminate the pregnancy," a source told the Times of India.

Although this revelation will help the cops to investigate the case, the experts said that it will be difficult for the police to determine the father of the child, as there are no tissues left to carry out a DNA test, which is required to determine the paternity of the child. "Since there are no tissues left or rather they were removed, it may be challenging to carry out a DNA test to establish the child's paternity," the source added.

When the daily contacted Dean Dr. TP Lahane of JJ Hospital, he refused to reveal the details. "We cannot reveal the findings. The report has been handed over to the police," he said.

The report also said that Pratyusha's body is still being examined by the experts at Kalina Forensic Science Laboratory. The experts at the laboratory will perform chemical tests to find out if there is any trace of poison. Samples of Pratyusha's hair, blood and nail have also been preserved for DNA analysis.

Meanwhile, Falguni Brahmabhatt, the lawyer fighting for Pratyusha's justice, has reportedly quit the case, SpotboyE reported. According to the report, Pratyusha's parents have appointed Special Public Prosecutor Nilesh Pawaskar, who is an associate of lawyer Neeraj Gupta. Gupta was earlier Rahul's lawyer, but he later quit the case claiming he was "kept in dark" by his client and his family about many important details.

After Brahmabhatt came to know about Pawaskar's appointment, she informed Pratyusha's parents that she would not team up with Pawaskar in the case. "The appointment of Pawaskar indicates the interest that Neeraj Gupta continues to have in this case. Why would Falguni, who has worked with topmost lawyers like Ram Jethmalani, work in such an environment?," a source told SpotboyE.

The source also raised questions as to why Gupta is still hovering around the case and is still speaking ill about his former client. "Why only Falguni, anybody else in her place would have opted out. Falguni has never come across a lawyer like Gupta in her career ever, she is extremely wary of his intentions. Why is he still hovering around?," the source added.

When asked if Pratyusha's parents had requested Brahmabhatt to continue with the case, the source said that although they did, Brahmabhatt realised that the case had become too nasty for her to handle. "They did, but Falguni has had enough in these just few days to understand that the case has become too dirty to handle. The long and short of it is that she fears that there are few people with vested interests who have butt in, and they are dangerous," the source concluded.