Prateek Singhal
Prateek Singhal

Prateek Singhal is also popularly known as Satyarthi Prateek, a founder of Tantra Nectar and a renowned celebrity life coach. He has formally set to launch Life Coaching Academy in Mumbai & Moscow. His main aim to start this life coaching institute is to help individuals to experience the perpetuity of super consciousness by balancing the basic human nature naturally. After receiving a lot of admiration and response from the worldwide followers, Satyarthi Prateek is now testing waters by Launching Life Coaching Centers in Mumbai, Moscow, and Versova and trying to expand his Tantra Nectar globally.

Satyarthi Prateek wants to help people by explaining how money can be saved, especially during the recession period. He explains how the best financial planning can help them avoid unwanted expenses and how can they control the expenses to avoid financial problems. He says if you prepare yourselves from potentially rough financial times ahead can help you survive during the recession. Here you can find some of the best tips by Satyarthi Prateek that can help you survive a recession.

Protect Your Job:

During the recession period, the number one concern for most people is to keep their job safe. To sustain the job, you may have to put in a few extra working hours, refurbish your skills, and putting more effort and working harder. The individuals who continue their job during a recession can come through difficult times successfully.


Prateek Singhal says that you should do anything and everything to keep your job, especially during inevitable layoffs, which can happen to everyone. You should always be ready for the inconceivable situation even if you put a lot of effort and hard work to guard your job. You should be ready with an updated resume, and keep in touch with colleagues and friends for job opportunities, and know exactly where you want to apply for a job.

Invest in yourself:

It does not mean that you should spend money on collectibles, entertainment, and clothes. Invest in yourself, means, take some time out from your daily routine to learn new things and gather information and knowledge that can help you become more influential in all aspects of your life. Make sure to read books on saving money or attend seminars that will help you understand how to make money securely from home.

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