London Underground carriage turned into a nightclub party venue
London Underground carriage turned into a nightclub party venueScreenshot/Youtube

Of all the places to hold a party, a London underground carriage would definitely not land on the top 5 list for most people. However, as part of a hilarious prank, the Northern Line Train was converted into the venue for an impromptu party for one night.

Complete with blaring music, balloons, dancers, costumed characters, bouncers, guest list and the customary red rope, the mock club night took unsuspecting commuters completely by surprise. The doorman at the party venue asked the stunned passengers if they wanted to go inside the mock club, while an authoritative bouncer made sure that none of the partygoers have any drugs on them.

"Mate, you got anything on you? No drugs..Sure mate?.. Nothing at all?" he asks the passenger. The concerned doorman also warns "partygoers" that they can't be selling drugs inside "his club".

The bouncer also apologises to a passenger for not allowing him inside the club and says that if it were up to him, he would let him in, and asks him to remain outside. However, the cheeky doorman comes back and reassures him that the club has a "one in, one out" policy and that if he would wait for a minute he'd be let in. "It's a party tonight, OK. If you wait one minute you can come in. It's one in, one out, OK?"

He further asks around if everyone is having a good time before the train pulls into an underground station. While the passengers appear to be baffled by the hilarious prank, several see the funny side as they board the train and are asked if they are on the guest list.

Watch the YouTube clip of the hilarious prank uploaded by user Khalil Dimachkie under "London Tube Nightclub", which got over 404,173 views in just four days. Dimachkie posted, "Stepped on the northern line and found this!"