Pranjal Salecha
Pranjal Salecha

Blogging has become one of the most sorted professions today. Gone are the days when one had to be conscious about looks and physique to be a blogger. A true example of it is Pranjal Salecha. She is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger who has completed her fashion designing from Pune. Later, she started working as a wedding planner and a freelance designer. While working, she simultaneously started her blog for the love of styling. After getting an overwhelming response on her blog, she left her job and became a full-time blogger.

Her Instagram handle, 'thegulabigirl' tends to focus more on the posts of fashion and lifestyle. Talking about her username, she said, "I have always been obsessed with pink and I am a bit desi at heart, so I wanted to have a fusion touch to it. I believe that my blog name should completely relate to me and that's how Pink became Gulabi."

Having an experience of more than two and a half years, she recalls her phase of struggle. She had always been a reserved kid who was confused to take blogging as her career. One thing which irked her was that one must fit in the criteria of a model to become a blogger. Initially her parents were not happy with her decision of being a blogger and for several months she kept it a secret that she had decided to be a blogger. But later, when the response was good to her blog, her parents were convinced with it and today they are proud of their daughter.

Sharing her experience about travelling, she believes that travel makes her explore more things about herself. Not just this, it also helps her understand different cultures about different countries which she incorporates in her styling. She has travelled the countries like Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Singapore, Thailand and Mauritius to name a few. When asked about her choice for luxury brands, she revealed that her heart beats for street shopping. She believes that the old and colourful bazaars are a wonderful experience as one can explore different streets of different cities.

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