Prakash Raj
Prakash Raj's Twitter Account

Prakash Raj's weekly column in a leading Kannada daily has been abruptly stopped. His recent political comments are said to be the reason behind the latest development. 

"Surgical popular column in Kannada has been abruptly stopped . Dear INVISIBLE you think we can't see you..#justasking," Prakash Raj tweeted.

He posted, "With every act of yours....people can see your face behind the mask clearer..By blocking a platform where I was in conversation with my you seriously believe you can break the bond I shared with them... #justasking. [sic]"

He has been critical of the BJP and the right-wing politics. He fired his first salvo against the BJP after the murder of his friend and scribe Gauri Lankesh.

Prakash Rai targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi for creating such an environment in the country and called the BJP leader a better actor than him. He intensified his verbal attack on the saffron party and Hindutva groups, thereby inviting the wrath of the right-wing sympathisers.

Further, Prakash Rai sent a notice to Mysuru BJP MP Pratap Simha for trolling and making derogatory comments against him on social media sites.

He had also mocked BJP's underperformance in the recently-held Gujarat elections and demanded them to concentrate on addressing farmers' issues. He also criticised the divisive politics played by the saffron party and pointed out that there are genuine and bigger issues than "Pakistan and religion."