The Congress in Telangana has made a mockery of them after the senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Sarve Sathyanarayana put a hilarious performance to lay siege to Pragathi Bhavan, supporting TSRTC employee's strike.

Sarve Satyanarayana
Sarve SatyanarayanaTwitter

A video of the incident has gone viral on social media with Sathyanarayana giving a ludicrous performance outside his residence, where he acts as he is trying to leave his house to take part in the protest named as "Pragathi Bhavan Muttadi" initiated by the Congress.

The video is pure buffoonery that not just the Congress leader but the police also joined him in this act. Sathyanarayana can be heard shouting "chod do, mujhko chod do" (let go off me), while a few policemen come and grab him facing the camera, acting as if they are holding him.

Sarve Satyanarayana
Sarve Satyanarayanascreengrab

Congress supports TSRTC strike

Pragathi Bhavan is the official camp office and residence of the state's Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao and the Congress party leaders had called to stage a protest outside Pragathi Bhavan supporting the TSRTC strike and criticising the government's stand. The protest was called by the party as the CM is not trying to resolve the issue and is not considering any talks with RTC union.

Many Congress leaders and party workers were taken into preventive custody and were kept on house arrest on Monday (October 22), a few hours before the party had planned to siege the CM's camp office and the Congress leader's absurd gimmick was based on this.

Sarvey Sathyanarayana is a former MP from Malkajgiri constituency in the state. He was also the Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways in Manmohan Singh's cabinet. Before beginning his political career, Sathyanarayana worked 13 years under several government bodies including SBH Compilation, HMT and SAIL.