The all-new reboot of Cartoon Network's one of the most iconic animated series titled "The Powerpuff Girls" is all set to premiere April 4 and even though the series will have some minor changes, the overall theme remains intact.

According to IGN, the series has been created keeping in mind the interests of both the new and older audience who might or might not be familiar with the protagonist girls.

IGN has also mentioned that though the originality has been maintained, the series incorporates modern animation style that gives it a newer yet classic look.

In the premiere episode titled "Man Up," a new villain is introduced named Man-Boy, who possesses strength of an adult man but in the body of a boy. He has a beefed-up body and is obsessed with "everything manly." 

In the episode, he interrupts Townsville's Zen-aissance Fair because, according to him, the fair is not manly enough. However, when facing protests from the fair visitors, he goes on a rampage, destroying everything on his way with his wooden robot. 

Afterwards, he also flaunts his manly powers by ripping off his beard and growing it in a short period of time. Just when he was about to completely destroy the fair, Buttercup steps in and challenges the Man-Boy.

Several minor changes have been included in the reboot series, like a more detailed visual representation of the girls' powers and their slightly changed hairdo. However, apart from that, the personalities of the three girls are exactly the same as in the previous incarnation. 

Blossom is still the most stable-minded and leading girl among the three, Buttercup is still ill-tempered and rough, and Bubbles is still the sweetest and most humble one among all.

However, the only thing that the old fans might find unfamiliar is the voices of the girls. All of their voices have been replaced by a new cast and hence, fans might find it a little bit difficult to get used to it. Whether they will accept the new show with same enthusiasm or not will be seen once the series premieres April 4, Monday.