Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot movie starts production soon
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot movie starts production soonFB / Power Rangers

The upcoming Power Rangers reboot movie titled "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" is all set to start production in few weeks. The movie is produced by Lionsgate and will be directed by Dean Israelite of "Project Almanac" fame.

According to Comic Book Movie, for past few months, some of the cast members namely Dacre Montgomery, Becky Gomez, RJ Cyler and Ludi Lin have been posting training pictures that show the remarkable progress and their newly learnt fighting skills.

Former Power Ranger, Rose McIver (Power Rangers RPM) of "iZombie" fame has offered some advice for the new Rangers. As reported by IGN, McIver said:

"Oh my goodness, that was probably one of the funniest eight month stints of my life. We just laughed our heads off; we had so much fun. I think, make sure you enjoy it. Don't take yourselves too seriously.

"You're fighting monsters in rubber suits. But it's a blast. It's so cool and it's so cool to be a part of something that as a child my peers watched and I look now and there are children watching it still. It sort of transcends one particular generation and that's so fun to be part of, so enjoy every minute."

Scroll down to check the pictures posted by cast members on their respective Instagram accounts.



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 Be strong enough to carry the world on your shoulders in case one day Atlas Shrugged.

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