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In the upcoming episode titled "Gone Fishin" of "Power Rangers Dino Super Charge," Kendall a.k.a. Purple Ranger (portrayed by Claire Blackwelder) will come across the whereabouts of a new Zord. However, things take an unexpected turn when he tries to inform the other Rangers about it.

CLICK HERE to watch which new Zord has been found by Kendall and why he is having trouble letting the other Rangers know of it.

According to the synopsis of Episode 10, "An important message is sent to Kendall about the whereabouts of a new Zord, but he must race Singe and Fury to get to it."

Something is definitely wrong and even after putting in all his efforts, Kendall is not able to convince the other Rangers that a new Zord is heading towards them. Whether the Rangers will unite and confront the Zord or will continue ignoring Kendall, will be seen once the episode goes on air.

In the previous episode, titled "Besties 4Eva!," Shelby's friend Erin tried to steal credit from the Pink Ranger and immediately landed into trouble. Shelby a.k.a. Pink Ranger (portrayed by Camille Hyde) was angry with her friend and though she wanted to punish her, she also wanted to do it in a way that her friend would never dare to steal from anyone, ever.

Earlier, Ivan a.k.a. Gold Ranger found an ancient armour suit. Mistaking it for a training dummy, he practised on it. Unfortunately, the suit was destroyed and much to his shock, Ivan came to realise that now, he was in huge debt.

In the meantime, Heckyl sent a hybrid monster, named Spell Digger, to destroy the Rangers and create havoc in public. The monster had special abilities of spreading greed among anyone who touched its gold coins.

Eventually, the Rangers succeeded in destroying the monster and Ivan was helped by his friends to clear off his debts.