PR Handout

Actress Hema, the first contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss season 3 Telugu, held a press meet on Tuesday and made some sensational comments on the show and the contestants. Hema said the only reason she entered the show was to become a mentally strong person and had to walk out of the show because that was what the audience wanted her to do.

"Since day one itself, they have dumped too many responsibilities on me. By calling me 'sister', they spoke against me with each other and finally made me quit the show. All the promos in the first week were about me, which led to a bad impression on the audience," said the actress.

She said that Varun Sandesh is someone who keeps eating 24*7 and that she was trying to keep the food intake of others too in control so that they can save a lot more even without performing the tasks. "Those who have spoken against me, have hugged me while I was walking out of the house and said they will miss me," she added.

While talking about Sreemukhi, Hema said, "She is a cunning girl and has raised disputes amongst the inmates. She has played double games. But see, now she herself is nominated for elimination. I am sure she will be the one to be eliminated in the coming week. Also, I am Himaja have disputes personally, outside the house and so, she too has targeted me."

She further added that Ashu Reddy is the only good and honest contestant in the house and hopes he wins the title of the third season. In case she gets a chance to enter the show again, through wild card entry, she said she would definitely give it a second thought.