Bipasha Basu appears to be calling the shots in boyfriend Harman Baweja's life already.

Baweja is all set to make his Bollywood comeback with "Dishkyaoon". The film was privately screened recently and Basu was present at the event. However, the actress was apparently not pleased after watching some steamy scenes in the film, involving Baweja and lead actress Ayesha Khanna.

The "Raaz" actress took up the matter and requested "Dishkyaoon" producers Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra to remove the scenes from the action flick.

"There were three intimate scenes, one of which was a love making sequence. Producers Shilpa Shetty and Raj Kundra have now agreed to accommodate Bipasha's request. They have cut the lovemaking scene and edited the other two before sending the film for certification," Mid Dayquoted a source.

Even the film's spokesperson informed the tabloid that a scene has indeed been edited out, though he/she did not reveal any further information on it.

By the looks of it, Basu has the upper hand in her relationship with Baweja but the actress's sudden possessiveness makes us wonder if there is something more serious brewing?

Reports on the duo's imminent marriage have been rife, even before the couple declared they are in relationship. Some reports have hinted that the duo would take the wedding plunge soon after "Dishkyaoon" releases but the actors have refused to divulge any information till now.

Baweja recently reacted to the news saying, "As it is rightfully said these are mere what to say. I will confirm it when it will happen," reported PTI.

But Basu's increased controlling demeanour makes one wonder if the marriage is close.